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About Tellus Power

Tellus Power is a fast growing EV infrastructure manufacturing company with a wide range of products and services. The company has developed deep expertise in the EV infrastructure market, backed by industry proven best practices in electronics manufacturing.

Our Global Organization

Tellus Power Inc. is an energy technology company listed on Beijing stock exchange (Tellus Power Green electricity - stock code: 430087; STGCON - stock code: 834855). The conglomerate incorporates worldwide brands including STGCON Energy and Asola Technologies.

Tellus Power offers a wide range of products such as Tellus Level 2 and DC fast charging stations, along with Tellus cloud-based charging networks and software. Asola Sphericâ„¢ curved solar glass car roof tops, Asola building-integrated solar glass, STGCON energy storage products, Tellus EV rideshare services, and Tellus brand EV automobile dealerships.

Tellus global sales, manufacturing, and service centers are located in California, Germany, and China.

Our Vision

Tellus Power engineering team is able to leverage its research and development experience and extensive knowledge to meet the requirements of the ever changing electric vehicle industry. Our vision is to bring Electric Vehicle charging into the 21st century through well designed stations and networks. We are a manufacturer that offers great products, best solutions and convenient financing

Range of Products

  • Dual Level 2
  • Single Level 2
  • Wall Mount
  • Poll Mount
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