Monitor All Stations at a Glance

An Interactive map shows all your charging activity and status. Responsive controls, trouble shooting, filters, and interactive radius filtering allow you to drill down to the detail.

Powerful Station Reports

Get monthly revenue and station activity reports, and search by date and/or station when needed. Reports can be downloaded in Excel.

Payment Collection & Processing

Tellus offers drivers and owners a variety of payment methods: major credit cards, debit and PayPal are accepted to create an account. Network back-office gives you online tools to set station pricing, limits and send messages to drivers. Revenue automatically flows into your accounts.

Powerful Driver Access Groupings

Groupings allows flexibility to support diverse EV drivers. For example, a university may group stations in to A, B and C, then give Students access to group A stations, Visitors to Group B and Professors access to A, B and C stations.

RFID Access Control

Tellus RFID (“GridKey”) tags are the size of a mini grocery store card and attach to drivers’ car keys. Swiping a tag at a station is easy and facilitates a myriad of benefits to station owners, employers, fleet managers and EV drivers.

Station Messaging

Tellus network allows you to craft custom station display messages. Messages may include special terms of use such as “Atlantis Fleet Only” or advertising such as “2 Hour Free Charging courtesy of Hardware Depot.”

Availability Management

You can set a time limit on a charging session and EV driver can only charge up to the set limit. “Max Time” will count-down for the next driver to gage availability on screen and on map.

1st-Time Driver Access

No Grid-Key, no problem! With free-trial activated, first-time enter their mobile number and receive an SMS. The charger starts immediately.

Tiered Permissions

Tellus back-office provides tools to limit access to view and control stations without viewing account information.

Driver Map

Tellus’s mobile driver map provides deriver interactivity with drag and slide features to help drivers filter and search for stations by availability and distance.